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Admin-Cousin ^^

Post  sworder13 on Mon Jun 16, 2008 1:07 am

Name: Jermey Mccloud

Description: Jermey is an average male. Athletic body, pretty strong and weighs about 145 pounds. His hair is Dark Red with some streaks of Black. He wears Black Cargo pants with lots of pockets that have throwing daggers inside. He has a Black Hoodie that reads 'Assassination is fun' hidden under the hood. And he has a Dark Dark Blue backpack, almost black. He's right handed, but has trained to use both hands in combat.

Weapons: You know all those little Daggers I was talking about? They're all Diamond throwing Daggers. There are 10 in total and can be retrieved by the user after being thrown. In his backpack he has various tools like screwdrivers and lock-picks for his 'missions'. His other weapons are a Diamond Katana, Sniper Rifle with Silencer that fires Armor Piercing Diamond bullets and a Diamond Arm Blade that conceals under the sleeve while not in use which acts as an armor piece up to the elbow. To use it, Jermey pulls his four fingers down to the point that he could hold a Katana. He could close his hand and make a fist, but it wouldn't extend more. It wouldn't damage the 'system' either.

Agility: 100
Speed: 100
Strength: 100

I am admin number two. I won't put up with some of your crap. If you tick me off, I will either delete the post that ticked me off and give you a warning, one of three, or I will brutally murder your character. You will then be allowed to make a new one, even if that one that died was your third. That character will be erased. It will not exist. You will not be able to use it anymore. It's battles and stuff will still be on the forums though. But, if I give you three warnings, and you still keep doing the stuff that got you those warnings, I will ban you for a week. If you don't cut the crap after that and keep posting stuff that ticks me off, you will be banned. Permanently.

*You see screens brightening up everywhere that read and say*
"Thank you for your time. Remember to follow the rules. Please exit through the hole that will open under your feet. Have a nice day.
*Then you fall through the hole to one of the other pages or closing this window*

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Re: Admin-Cousin ^^

Post  Admin on Mon Jun 16, 2008 1:15 am

Approved. And too the next people who sign up, dont think you can randomly be admin. Hes admin because he is my cousin.


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